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  • _drainage

    The system allows perfect drainage of rainwater, avoids formation of stagnant water, mold and rot, maintaining a healthy surface.

  • _UV resistant

    The grass pile consists of state-of-the-art UV stabilized fibers that result in high color fastness against exposure to sunlight radiation.

  • _micro-ventilation

    The interspace between the underlying surface and modules guarantee good micro-ventilation as well as free horizontal water outflow.

  • _performance in all climates

    Extensive testing has confirmed that Roofingreen products maintain their technical-physical characteristics also in extreme climates, whether hot, cold or humid.

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  • _modularity

    The composition of the modular system warrants a high degree of versatility to adapt to the most challenging projects and design requirements.

  • _lightness

    Whilst the model structure and components are designed for high resistance to weight loads, at the same time the products are very low weight and easy to move around in building sites.

  • _easy cutting and installation

    Roofingreen’s modular approach makes installation straightforward. Add to this the ease of cutting modules to size with standard tools on-site, with obvious advantages for time and cost of operations.

  • _puzzle structure

    The dovetail shaped module are interlocking like a puzzle by simply pushing down; this results in fast installation without the need for glueing and consequent loss of time.

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  • _zero water consumption

    Roofingreen’s attention for the environment is also expressed in its proposition of a green surface that requires no water consumption and avoids the need for the installation of costly irrigation systems.

  • _low maintenance

    Maintenance of the Roofingreen system is reduced to the bare minimum in contrast to the constant attention required for by natural surfaces.

  • _washable

    The Roofingreen system can be washed simply with water and detergent, possibly anti-bacterial and anti-static, or alternatively by using a high pressure washer or similar equipment.

  • _easy inspection

    It is possible to lift up single pieces at any time or position on the surface. This allows to perform fast and easy to manage inspection surveys of the underlying layers.

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  • _natural looks

    The weaving process of the grass pile, based on the latest fiber technology, is optimized to achieve the most realistic, natural appearance and feel.

  • _maximum comfort

    Due to the stratified configuration and layer of expanded material in Roofingreen’s modular system, noise generated by walking is absorbed and the comfort level is that of a natural grass surface.

  • _accessibility

    Thanks to the excellent water drainage properties, lack of ice formation and its overall stability, the Roofingreen surface results perfectly accessible and usable in any type of weather condition, including for wheelchairs and similar equipment.

  • _anti-trauma

    The layer of expanded material in the modules imparts a significant shock absorption capacity, also in the long term.

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A great versatility in application

One of the main features of the Roofingreen modular system is its adaptability.
From permanent installations to projects of temporary character.

  • _public sector

    Schools, nurseries, hospitals, airports.

  • _temporary events

    Exhibitions and trade fairs, festivals, cultural and sports events, ceremonies.

  • _residential

    New construction and renovation.

  • _hospitality and recreation

    Hotels, resorts, pools and spas, parks, children playgrounds.


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