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Roofingreen Dbase

Roofingreen Dbase

Building on the experience of the LEAF model, the Dbase system expands the compositional and material possibilities to ceramic tile finishes.

Within the panorama of outdoor ceramics, the distinctive property consists in the possibility to use the low-height Roofingreen draining base, derived from the LEAF line, to which on a structured ceramic of only 1 cm thickness is laid on top.

Thus, an innovative solution for the use of 1 cm ceramic tiles has been created which, in combination with a special adhesive pad with acoustic and load-distributing functions, allows for the creation of pleasant, perfectly draining ceramic surfaces in just 2.8 cm height.

Dbase is a patented system that allows great efficiency gains from a logistical point of view, with markedly limited weights and thicknesses that allow easier handling and installation on site, reducing installation time and costs, and able to offer different textures and formats to adapt to different design and architectural needs.

The use of light and recyclable materials helps to reduce energy consumption in manufacturing and overall emissions, improving the environmental sustainability of the system.

Dbase is therefore an innovative and sustainable solution for the creation of outdoor ceramic surfaces, with numerous advantages in terms of both performance and environmental impact.

Photo Dbase


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Demonstration image

In brief, Dbase is the draining system that guarantees:


  • Low thickness of only 2.8 cm
  • Perfect drainage
  • Different textures and sizes
  • Material recyclability
  • On site ease of handling and logistics optimisation
  • Reduction of energy consumption and overall emissions
  • Reduced environmental impact
roofingreen Dbase
Roofingreen dbase
roofingreen dbase
Roofingreen dbase